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Why do people carve?

Carving is an activity that has been done by man for thousands of years. It was originally done as a means of producing useful articles from wood, a commodity available over most of the world.

Our fore bearers often had time on their hands, not having 300 TV channels. This resulted in them embellishing their useful carved articles into objects that were not only utilitarian, but beautiful as well.  Now days, few utilitarian item are carved at all. Now carvings are simply expressions of our humanity, our art, our humor, our history etc...

Carving is done by people of all ages, races, religions and occupations. EVERYONE can carve!

Many carvings represent as fine of art as exists anywhere, in any medium. Caricature artists express humor and poke fun at the human condition. Still others represent birds and other wildlife in a most realistic way.

Some carvings simply celebrate the beauty in the wood itself.

-Mike Chambers